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Tilty - mobile mediated game to tilt the other palyer!

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Tilty - mobile mediated game to tilt the other palyer!

Tilty is the physical mobile game for two or more players where you try to make other players tilt their device. Imagine bumping with Beckham... grappling with Gosling... catching Emma Stone in your web of wondrous moves or playing Tilty at a Great Gatsby Party! We would not suggest playing Tilty with Iron Man unless you are Pepper Potts and make sure that you have your krypton batteries if you go up against Superman. Getting back to reality - hey... did they play Tilty on any reality shows? Survivor probably not - The Bachelor would be good as Tilty is an excellent ice breaker. Have you ever played another physical mobile game? We launched Touchy a few years back - it got on Dragons' Den which is like Shark Tank. Seven kids played Tilty dozens of times and said it was more fun than a pillow fight! Tilty is the secret for getting a girlfriend or boyfriend! Imagine a whole dance floor at a nightclub playing Tilty - or maybe a bunch of drunk friends at an Irish Pub... Is there someone you would like to play Tilty with - a little rough-housing as my second father used to say? Try it out! Get people out of their devices and back into the physical world! Play Tilty with old friends and new. All the best, Inventor Dan Zen.

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